Established in 1992, the Department of Radiation Oncology at KMC Hospital Attavar was the first cancer department in Mangalore to provide comprehensive cancer care to patients of the region. This significant development marked a turning point in the region’s healthcare landscape, addressing a critical need for accessible, specialised cancer care. Since its inception, the KMC Hospital Attavar Oncology Centre (KMCHAOC) has come a long way. Starting with cobalt teletherapy and low-dose rate brachytherapy, today, the department boasts a state-of-the-art linear accelerator and an ultra-modern brachytherapy machine, which are considered the gold standard in cancer treatment across the globe.

At KMCHAOC, we can now provide a comprehensive cancer care under one roof. This includes

With an unwavering commitment to patient care, technological advancements, and collaboration with various stakeholders, the KMCHAOC continues to make a significant impact in the fight against cancer by offering hope, support and exceptional healthcare services to patients and their families.

Departments under KMCHAOC


Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is an essential part of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment in KMC Hospital Attavar. The department consists of a multidisciplinary team comprising of radiation oncologists, nurses, radiation therapists and medical physicists. It uses high energy x rays(photons) most commonly delivered through a linear accelerator. These therapeutic x rays are painless and invisible and are used to treat a number of different cancers.

Surgical Oncology

The department is staffed by skilled specialist Oncology Surgeons who care for cancer patients who require surgical intervention. Its primary purpose is to locate and eliminate cancerous tumours as well as adjacent tissue that contains cancer cells. The department also does biopsies, which determine whether or not you have cancer and how bad it is.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is concerned with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy are all used to treat cancer patients in this section.

The department collaborates with other departments to provide the optimal treatment plan for the patient. They will explain the cancer diagnosis to the patient and their family, including the type and stage of cancer. They will also aid in the treatment of cancer symptoms and adverse effects.

Paediatric Hemato-Oncology

Childhood cancers constitute 3–4% of all cancers. Every year, nearly 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, with India accounting for 76,800 (26%). Most of them are blood cancers, followed by brain tumors and abdominal tumors. Nearly 70–90% of childhood cancers are curable because of the better response to treatment.

Nearly two decades ago, the Division of Paediatric Oncology and Haematology was established. For the past 20 years, we have been treating all types of cancer in children. The 3-year survival rates which we have published is one of the best in India which is 85% (Published in expert reviews of haematology 2020 with 3 years EFS and OS 85%) as compared to 40%-60% across India.

We have a dedicated Paediatric Oncology Ward, with Specialists, nursing staff,  social workers, a data manager and a paediatric surgeon.

Pain and Palliative Care

Pain and Palliative Care Department is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for patients facing chronic pain and life-limiting illnesses. Our multidisciplinary team, including experienced physicians, nurses, therapists, and counselors, works collaboratively to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each patient. We prioritize alleviating pain and other distressing symptoms, aiming to enhance the quality of life for both patients and their families.

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