Anaesthesia is a branch of medicine deals with making patient unconscious and pain free during surgical procedures Anaesthesiologists are medical doctors who administer anaesthesia and manage pain.

There are different types of anaesthesia.

  • General anaesthesia¬†
  • Regional anaesthesia
  • Sedation
  • Local anaesthesia

The type of anaesthesia provided will depend on the type of surgery and patient medical condition. The Department of anaesthesia at KMC Attavar hospital is comprised of experienced anesthesiologists specialized in various specialties, labour analgesia, acute and chronic pain management.


Dr. Shaila S. Kamath

Professor, HOD

Dr. Hima R Nambiar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aneesha

Senior Resident

Department provides the following anaesthesia services.

Preoperative clinical consultation

Cardiothoracic anaesthesia


Obstetric and labour anaesthesia

Transplant anaesthesia

Regional anaesthesia

Acute pain service

Day care anaesthesia

Chronic pain management service

Anaesthesia for Radiation and imaging