General Medicine

The department of medicine is a large clinical – based department, which has expanded to include extensive research and postgraduate teaching programs. It provides consultative services for all kinds of acute and chronic medical problems. The department meets the needs of patients with acute complications, including infections, pulmonary complications, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.


Dr. Sathish Rao B.

Professor, Incharge HOD

Dr. John T. Ramapuram

Professor, Unit Chief

Dr. Deepak Madi

Additional Professor

Dr. Pavan M.R.

Associate professor

Dr. Meenakshi Shetty

Associate Professor

Dr. Sheethal Raj M.

Associate professor

Dr. Arun S

Associate Professor

Dr. Jayakumar J

Associate professor

Dr. Arun Kumar

Senior Resident

Dr. Vijayalakshmi S

Senior Resident


Diabetes Clinic

Lifestyle Modification Clinic (LSM) Clinic

Infectious Disease & HIV Clinic

Thyroid and Hormone Clinic

Rheumatology Clinic

Geriatric Clinic (Care of the Elderly)

Palliative care