Digital Mammography

KMC Hospital Attavar has added another feather to its cap with the acquisition of an advanced machine for digital mammography. The Radiology Department will now be able to provide high-quality, screening mammogram at an affordable cost.

This mammography project as a part of Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health is supported by Endowment Fund from ‘KMC Mangalore 82-87 MBBS Batch’ and a matching grant from Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

KMC Hospital Attavar will be offering free digital mammogram screening for all patients referred from Wenlock Hospital and Government Lady Goschen Hospital, Mangaluru.

Digital mammograms require low levels of radiation and can be reviewed almost immediately, allowing for earlier detection of breast cancer thanks to the clear digital images. KMC Hospital Attavar hopes that the introduction of the digital mammogram will greatly benefit patients and the public.

Multi Slice CT Scan

The new CT equipment is equipped with cutting-edge technology and will allow health professionals to make quick, more precise diagnoses. It contains a variety of qualities that make it appropriate for a variety of diagnostic procedures, including cardiac, pulmonary, neurological and abdominal imaging. The device is also designed to limit radiation exposure making patients safer. With the addition of this wide-bore CT scanner, The Comprehensive Cancer Care Department at KMC Attavar will now be able to provide better treatment to the cancer patients.

Key Features

  • Fast Scanning with lesser movement artifacts during scanning of trauma patients.
  • Better image quality for long range contrast studies like whole abdomen, peripheral
    angiography with lesser contrast.
  • Fast scanning also minimizes the chance of venous contamination during Tri-phase
    contrast study of Abdomen.
  •  Better coverage will also lead to reduction of X-Ray dose per patient.


KMC Hospital Attavar is now equipped with advanced 4-dimensional visualization, real-time imaging, and doppler facility. The state-of-the-art machine is part of the newly initiated Division of Fetal Medicine, which is part of the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. The new ultrasound machine will significantly improve the quality of care the hospital aims to provide its patients. This ultrasound machine is part of Kasturba Medical Hospital’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality of care to its patients.