The department of ENT performs routine otolaryngological surgeries alongside major head & neck surgeries and sophisticated micro-ear, endoscopic ear, endoscopic sinonasal, septo-
rhinoplasty, sialendoscopy, microlaryngeal and CO2 LASER assisted surgeries. The department is well equipped with microscopes endo vision cameras & CO2 LASER with micromanipulator. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy, Examination of ear under microscope/ endoscope, Video laryngoscopy, Stroboscopy, Biopsy, Injections for oral submucous fibrosis, foreign body removals from ear, nose and throat, Ear lobe repair and Tracheostomy tube care are some of the services available in the OPD.


Dr. Deviprasad D

Professor , HOD

Dr. Suja Shreedharan


Dr. Manisha N

Associate Professor

Dr. Meera Khadilkar

Associate Professor

Dr. Kiran Hegde

Senior Resident

Following are the procedures performed by the Department

Cochlear implant program

Laryngectomy & conservative laryngeal surgeries

Neck dissections

Skull base surgeries, temporal bone resections

Endoscopic sinus surgery, CSF leak repairs

Endoscopic DCR

Microscopic and endoscopic ear surgeries

Surgeries on thyroid gland, parotid gland and submandibular gland, sialendoscopy

Cold knife tonsillectomy, laser tonsillectomy, endoscopic adenoidectomy

Dedicated voice, vertigo and headache clinics

Adult and paediatric airway procedures, laryngoscopy, thyroplasty, laryngotracheal reconstruction, micro laryngeal surgery, laser assisted microlaryngeal surgery