Respiratory Medicine

The department boasts of one of the best and comprehensive Pulmonary Function Laboratories in the country for assessment & treatment of respiratory diseases.

Services/Facilities Available

  • Spirometry and the measurement of specialised lung functions like Residual Volume (RV), Total Lung Capacity (TLC) & Diffusion Capacity (DLCO)
  • Analysis of fraction of nitric oxide in exhaled breath (FeNO) which is useful in the diagnosis & management of asthma including Paediatric Asthma.
  • Karnataka’s first Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing System.
  • Chest & allergy clinic with facilities for allergy consultation, skin allergy testing & desensitisation (allergy immunotherapy)
  • Sleep Clinic for evaluation of sleep disorders. The sleep laboratory is equipped with Alice 5 polysomnography system & lies level 1 sleep study.
  • Fibre-optic video bronchoscope for work up of suspected lung cancer & pulmonary TB cases
  • DOTS Centre for the free diagnosis & treatment of TB patients
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre

Dr. Vishak Acharya

Professor, Unit Chief

Dr. Preetham Acharya

Professor, HOD

Dr. Anand R.


Dr. Sindhu Kamath

Associate Professor

Dr. Thomas Antony

Assistant Professor

Dr. Srinivas S Pai

Senior Resident

Dr. Heera Subhagan

Senior Resident

Dr. Aditya A

Senior Resident