The Department of Genetics at KMC Hospital Attavar is a collection of state of the art facilities that specializes in genetic evaluations, diagnostics and treatment. The department consists of a team of multi-disciplinary specialists that are experts in clinical biomedical genetics, clinical genetics, genomics and laboratory genetics and pharmacogenetics, all of which are extremely specialised fields of medicine.

Our Hospital is equipped with hi-tech genetic labs that are used to diagnose hereditary disorders and the right treatment plans through in-depth analysis of DNA and RNA. The team can detect hereditary disorders even before birth and deploy corrective action at the right time.

  • Carrier Testing (among family members)
  • Prenatal Testing (checking new-born normalcy) 
  • Susceptibility Testing (risk evaluation) 
  • Predictive Testing (evaluating the chances of developing a condition in the future) 
  • Personalised Testing (evaluating a person’s response to certain drugs)