The department has state of the art facilities for cost effective inpatient and operative services to patients needing admission to the hospital. The department offers a 24 X 7 efficient trauma service and provides state of art modern trauma management to seriously poly traumatized victims. The department is a renowned centre for Arthroscopy and Total Joint Replacement surgeries. Special clinics have been started to give focussed attention on patients afflicted with arthritis, spinal deformity, backache and joint pains and shoulder related problems.


KMC Attavar has introduced a dedicated centre of excellence focused on providing comprehensive spine care for patients who suffer from spine related issues. The Spine Clinic will operate on all Tuesdays and Fridays only. The introduction of this specialized clinic at KMC Attavar now enables the public to access top-notch treatments for a wide range of spinal conditions, including Back Pain & Neck Pain, Spine Trauma, Infections & Tumour Management, Surgeries for Degenerative Spine, Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures, Spine Injections, Spine Exercise Programme, Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injury Patients, and Deformity Corrections. With the introduction of the Spine Clinic, KMC Attavar can now provide the highest standard of Spine Care for patients who suffer from spine related issues.


Dr. Atmananda S. Hegde

Professor, Incharge HOD

Dr. Surendra U. Kamath

Professor, Unit Chief

Dr. Seetharama Rao

Senior Professor

Dr. Rajendra A

Associate Professor

Dr Prajwal Mane

Associate Professor

Dr. Chethan B. Shetty

Assistant Professor

Dr. Keerthan Ranga Nayak

Senior Resident​

Dr. Saiprasad Sarvotham Baliga

Senior Resident​

Dr. Vaishak B. Bhat

Senior Resident​

Dr. Mukund M Pai

Senior Resident​

Services/ Facility Offered

Experienced Consultant Orthopaedicians

Comprehensive Trauma (Fracture) Care

Joint Replacement Surgeries (Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow)

Arthroscopy of Shoulder, Knee, Hip And Elbow

Paediatric Orthopaedic Services

Hand Surgery

Spine Surgery

Infections and Tumour Care

Rehabilitation/ Prosthesis Care

Comprehensive Outpatient Care

Deformity Correction

Limb Lengthening Procedures

Nerve Blocks

Provision of Orthotics

Sports injury clinic